1 Basket 5 Ways – how to style this home decor essential.

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Baskets have enjoyed the décor limelight in recent months. Simply put, the decorative basket is the jam that your peanut butter home has always needed.

We all like to change things around in our home at times, because we feel like it or out of necessity when we get new furniture, and multi-functional pieces are perfect for a dynamic space. Baskets are the be-all of décor versatility.

Baskets are essential for home spaces because they:

  • Add texture and interest.
  • Add warmth.
  • Add natural organic elements.
  • And their neutral colour fits in seamlessly with any space.

Basket Ubiquity

Décor baskets are an affordable lightweight storage option – we’re here to show you how to make your basket more than just a place to toss your socks.

Repurposing your basket:

  1. The basket planter – an effective way of disguising unsightly plastic pots. You can protect your basket from water damage by using a plate under the plastic pot or lining the inside of the basket with plastic sheeting. Simply stitch or glue-gun the plastic well below the basket lip to avoid it being seen. Pair with a forever plant if you want a low maintenance option.
  • The statement piece – This works well when you have 3 of the same or 3 in varying sizes grouped together on a surface. Think entrance hall for magazines, hats, and dog leads. Or kitchen for recipe books, tea towels or fruit.
  • The organiser – Creating ‘drawers’ on open shelves in the kitchen and bathroom to organise and disguise branded containers and group by use; spices, condiments, baking. Simply Stored baskets are specifically designed for this purpose.
  • The blanket store – Easy access from your sofa but tucked away out of sight until the chill sets in.
  • The floating shelf – if you are out of floor and surface space, mounting your basket on the wall creates a neat 2 shelf storage solution for your bathroom or bedroom space to store books, towels, scarves and more. Wire baskets are perfect as wall cubes.

How to keep your baskets clean.

Natural textured materials can be the best dust catchers. And they can also dry and fade. The best way to clean and care for wicker or straw is:

  • Vacuum using the brush / bristle attachment.
  • With warm water and a spot of liquid soap, use an (old) toothbrush to work away at the dirty areas.
  • Air your freshly washed basket in a well-ventilated spot out of the sun making sure all the surfaces are totally dry by rotating.
  • Once dry, you can spray with furniture polish that will supple and strengthen the natural fibres.

Long live the décor basket trend! We love that baskets are made from all-natural materials and their versatility makes them a sustainable home décor must have.

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