10 Basics Every Home Should Have

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Our ultimate checklist for the basic items that every home should have! 

A Good Set of Knives 

Definitely an essential! How many times have you tried slicing tomatoes and it’s like trying to cut with a spoon? Good kitchen knives will not only make your life a lot easier in the kitchen, but cutting meat with a steak knife will avoid you having to go caveman to be able to eat your meat. A set of entertaining crockery 

A Set of Entertaining Crockery.

Guests show up unannounced, but if you have a beautiful set of crockery for entertaining, serving up your simple midweek meals will make them look much more impressive! It’s also just nice to have those dishes and plates that only come out on special occasions. It somehow makes the occasions even more special. 

Great storage solutions 

Excellent storage is a lifesaver when it comes to finding things in a rush. The better the storage, the easier to find what you are looking for. Invest in storage for every room in your house. Kitchen stuff, bathroom clutter and those random cables… dedicate a cupboard, basket or drawer for each of these rooms’ hodgepodge. 

Personality for your walls 

Rooms tend to feel a bit cold and sterile without personal touches. The best way to show your personality in your home: pictures and artwork for your walls! Share your favourite memories or pieces of art for a home that reflects who you are. Passing by one of these personal wall adornments will also lift your mood! 

Touches of greenery 

Give life to your house with touches of greenery! Not only do they give your home a fresh, decorative touch, but they blend inside and outside by adding a natural and earthy element to your home. The best part? You don’t have to have a green thumb to get on board. Faux plants and succulents allow pretty much anyone to include some natural décor in their home. 

A Luxurious Set of Sheets 

We all know by now that a good night’s sleep is the most important thing to keep us healthy and happy. Elevate your sleep experience by investing in some luxurious sheets. Egyptian cotton or high thread count cotton is specifically fantastic for breathable and soft sheets. Grab some now for the ultimate feeling of comfort in your bed! 

A Comfy Couch 

Watching Netflix, entertaining guests or having a quick nap. The most used piece of furniture in a home is, arguably, the comfy living room couch. The hub of family movie nights needs to be the comfiest place in the house! Investing in an amazing couch means that, if done right, it can last you a lifetime. Re-upholstering furniture is cheaper than buying new, so make sure to get it right with your couch the first time! 

Something for fragrance 

Certain smells trigger memories for us. What scent will make you think of your home? Add some fragrance elements to ensure that guests remember your home with fondness! A simple candle or diffuser will instantly relax you when walking into a room. 

An ambient light 

Lighting isn’t just for illuminating the darkness anymore. Picture this: you’re cooking a romantic dinner for your partner for the first time. You plate up and take a seat, excited for all of the romance. You realize that suddenly it feels like you are sitting under a spotlight. Mood killer? We think so. Adding light with a dimmer or smaller lamp around your house will make sure to only add to all of your romantic moments. 

Something you don’t need, but adds drama. 

Have fun with your home! Everything doesn’t need a purpose for you to find joy in it. Even if you sit on that chair only a handful of times, if it brings you joy to see it there in all of its glamorous glory; it’s worth it! Your home should bring you joy! 

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