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They are the unsung heroes of your cupboards and linen drawers. The simple scented sachet has so much more value to add to your home and daily life. Read on for some handy uses for these beautifully scented envelopes.  

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  1. Keep your clothes fresh while travelling by popping a scented sachet or two into your luggage
  2. Store a sachet near your pet beds or pet crates
  3. Use your sachet to add to the beauty of gifts or gift baskets.
  4. Place a sachet in your gym or sports bag
  5. Slip a fresh scented sachet into a drawer or hang them in the middle of your clothing cupboard for an all over wonderful fresh smell
  6. Keep a fresh sachet in your car as an air freshener
  7. Store a few sachets with clothes you have packed away for the winter or summer season
  8. Slide a sachet into your shoe racks or between shoes in your cupboard to keep unpleasant odours away
  9. Keep a few scented sachets in your linen and towel cupboard for beautifully and subtly scented sheets and towels.
  10. Include a scented sachet as part of your wedding gifts or favours. Choose ones with a beautiful design or message.
  11. Send out invitations with a scented sachet to create a more memorable experience
  12. Keep your favourite scented sachet at your desk or in your office to keep it feeling fresh
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