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Our homes are our place of safety, our haven, even more so at this strange and scary time. But with 21 days of lockdown there will undoubtably be days where home feels like too much. To get us through this period feeling calm, safe and sane, plan something special for each day.

Day One

Lockdown has begun, you can now slow down. Start the day with an unhurried breakfast

Day Two

Try a new way to enjoy your coffee. Swap your Americano for a flat white, switch from espresso to macchiato. See how to make a flat white here.

Day Three

Enjoy a good old-fashioned Sunday lunch with slow roast potatoes and all the veg.

Day Four

Go back to work from home in your favourite fluffy gown, they’ll never know.

Day Five

Make some time to video call with a family member or friend and enjoy a cup of tea together.

Day Six

There may not be too many jokes today but you can share something light and inspiring to lift the mood.

Day Seven

Make up the bed with your favourite bed linen. Go online for inspiration on how to create the cosiest bed.

Day Eight

One week in. Keep your spirits up and create your post-lockdown wish list.

Day Nine

Now you have the time, plan how you would renovate or redecorate a particular room. Start a Pinterest board.

Day Ten

Browse your recipe books, or find new recipes shared online and plan beautiful meals for the week ahead. Our Home Chefs Club Community is a great place to start.

Day Eleven

Beat the blues and open up that fragrance diffuser or luxury room spray you have been saving.

Day Twelve

Get up, stretch, do some yoga, get back under the covers again. It’s ok.

Day Thirteen

Get creative and try out a new smoothie or juice recipe. Ginger, carrot and pineapple is a great kickstarter.

Day Fourteen

Arrange a mini home spa treatment for yourself. Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel great.

Day Fifteen

Bake your own hot cross buns. You finally have the time and it’s fun to get the kids involved.

Day Sixteen

Spend the day outside in the garden or on the balcony, make a picnic style lunch.

Day Seventeen

Whether you have kids or not, create your own Easter egg hunt at home. Then spend the rest of the day eating them on your favourite couch.

Day Eighteen

Today, just be. Be with your family. Be with yourself. Read, eat, do a puzzle together, relax.

Day Nineteen

Make a list of the local designers, artisans, manufacturers and businesses you would like to support. See our list here.

Day Twenty

Create an occasion and serve a meal with your finest crockery, silverware and glassware, just because.

Day Twenty One

Make a list of everything you are grateful for right now. Keep it somewhere safe

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