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It’s the simple things in life that make us happiest, just like coffee (or tea) and toast. These top 3 everyday coffee and toast combos are our favourites.

Plain buttered toast with French press coffee

Freshly toasted homebaked white crusty bread with only butter accompanied is gorgeous on its own. Add in a French press or Bodum full of a favourite coffee blend, and this simple breakfast has the power to invoke memories of sitting on a terrace on holiday, taking it easy, taking in the scenery and most importantly taking it slow.

Smashed avo on toast with your favourite flat white, skinny cap or latte

This one is for the lover of all things fresh, healthy and delicious. Avo on toast is something to live for. It’s no wonder this is a worldwide phenomenon. Creamy, buttery avo smashed onto your favourite toast from rye to sourdough to a homemade seed loaf, can only be made better by indulging in a fresh bean to cup coffee whether it is a skinny cappuccino or an almond flat white.

The ultimate toastie with your favourite milk coffee

This is a weekend treat kind of toastie. Take some time to create your own indulgent toastie filled with your favourite, most comforting ingredients – think cheese, bacon, sundried tomatoes. Or you could try this recipe here for a tasty toastie treat. Because you want to put all your efforts into creating an out of this world sandwich you shouldn’t have to worry about having time to get to your coffee. If you have a Nespresso or pod coffee machine, these Magnificent Barista Boys local artisan coffee capsules bring you full flavoured coffee at the touch of a button. Now, all there is left to do is enjoy

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