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Summer’s hottest trend is green. And it is more than just a colour. Green is the new everything, from adding greenery to our décor to making green choices in food. Green is more than a trend; it is the new lifestyle.

1. Make greener choices

The global consciousness is changing. Be sure to be part of that change. As more and more businesses pledge to reduce single use plastic, make it a personal pledge too. Just a few small changes in your daily choices can make a big difference, collectively.


2. Eat green, think clean

You don’t need to become a dedicated vegan activist to make a difference. A few tweaks to the way you eat can also have an overall impact on our planet and your health.

  • Adopt a Meat-free Monday or any one day of the week to eat healthy, plant based meals.
  • Choose organic when you can.
  • Eat free range as much as possible.
  • Add plenty of fresh greens to your plate. A spiraliser and other specialty appliances make veg more interesting and expand your meal options.
  • A smoothie or Nutriblast a day will go a long way. Fill up on all the goodness of plants in one delicious drink.
  • Cook whole, healthy foods.
  • Turn meals into occasions. Dress them up beautifully and serve in bowls.

3. Green your look

Choose nature as your inspiration and open up your space with greens, naturals and earth friendly materials.

Hanging Bean Plant (R299), Hanging Fern (R1 199) and Hanging Pod Succulent (R499).

  • The colour palette for the home is full of soft shades of greens. Think sage, olive and moss.
  • Botanicals are big! Be water wise and choose faux botanicals to green your space. They look amazing and are wonderfully hassle free.
  • Natural materials like cotton, jute, wicker and bamboo bring a clean, calm look to your space and up your green credentials at the same time.
  • Bamboo bedding and towels are not only sustainable but feel great against the skin too.
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