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While a knife for every kitchen task is a nice to have, there are three knives that are essential for every kitchen. Make sure you are never caught short and make sure you have all of these. Choosing the best quality is also an essential.

The Chef’s Knife

The all rounder chef’s knife can be used for all chopping and prepping purposes. The curved blade allows for a good rocking motion for more precise cuts. Use it for slicing meat to chopping veg.

The Paring Knife

Your paring knife comes in handy for all your peeling and more small intricate work such as peeling fruit and veg, coring tomatoes, slicing smaller fruits and veg. It has a narrow pointed tip to help with accuracy and precision.

The Serrated Knife

The serrated knife, or bread knife as most of us know it as, may not be the obvious candidate for the top 3 list, but it is far handier than you think. Not only for cutting bread, it is great for slicing tomatoes and is very useful when working with any food with a harder outside and soft inside.

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