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The way we carry our bodies and the repeated positions we put them in has a direct effect on our wellbeing. Standing has become a buzzword in wellness and for good reason. Investing in a standing desk to incorporate regular standing into your daily rhythm can improve your mind and body. Here’s why:

  • We’re designed to stand

The human body is designed to stand so standing is better for your back than sitting. It not only improves balance but also strengthens your leg muscles. 

  • Standing more might add years to your life

Research suggests that those who sit for less than 3 hours a day live longer compared to those who sit for more than 6 hours, even if those who sat more did regular exercise! 

  • Standing encourages movement 

Rack up those loyalty programme step points by choosing to stand while you work. If you’re stationed at a standing desk, you are way more likely to talk away when you need a short break or feel a bit bored, compared to sitting where you can easily stay put and start scrolling social media during a much-needed break.

Standing desk tips: 

Just like any change to your routine, standing for work can take some getting used to. Try these tips to adjust to a healthier way of working.

Don’t stand for too long 

  • Length of time and the way you stand is key to standing desk comfort. 
  • As a general guide alternate standing and sitting by about 50% each way in a full day
  • Changing your position every 30 minutes is ideal but not always realistic. Simply try to avoid being in the same position all day and naturally change between sitting and standing. 

Stand properly

  • Avoid sore feet and backaches by trying to balance your weight when standing.
  • Try to relax your knees and avoid putting all your weight on one leg. 

Adjust your desk

  • The correct height is essential to standing desk comfort. Adjusting the desk so that your keyboard and screen or laptop are at the right height will make sure your spine is correctly aligned and avoid eye strain.

Improve your standing health in style with these beautiful standing desks 

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