3 simple rules to follow when organizing your home

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Few people are born with the urge to organize. If you are not one of them, you might need a little bit more help when it comes to organizing your home. Experts all have their own ways of organizing their home, but we have only 3 simple rules for you to follow when organizing your home. 

Group similar items together 

Sounds easy enough right? Studies show that people who group similar items together are 75% more organized. When storing your items, always keep every similar item together. Scarves, belts, napkin rings etc. This will not only ensure that you always know where you keep these items, but you can easily tell how many you have of a certain item. 

Store things where they are used 

We are less likely to put something away when it’s far from where we have used the item. If we move the storage destination for our items closer to where we use them, we will find it less effort to just put them back after use. If you know you always read your book in the living room, keep a little bookshelf there with all of your current reads so you don’t start piling them on the coffee table.  

The Golden Rule: One thing in, one thing out 

This is the golden rule of staying organized: when you take one thing out, put something else back. This applies to mugs, clothes, etc. When you try on a shirt to wear and decide against it, place it back in the closet before you take out something else to wear. You are creating double the amount of effort by putting something on a chair or bed to fold up later. Try to take the hanger out of the closet and keep it close so putting it back after is a lot simpler. 

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