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Herbs1Whether you have a couple of pretty pots on your kitchen window sill, a tiered herb stand on your balcony, or a fully-fledged veggie garden in your back yard; these tips and recipes will ensure all that hard labour and loving care is worth it!

First up is a house favourite and absolute classic – basil pesto. All you need is heaps of fresh basil, crushed garlic (try our nifty mini garlic press), a glug of olive oil, some pine nuts, parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Whiz all the ingredients together in a high quality blender, and serve it with fresh pasta.

Herbs2If you’re feeling adventurous, make that from scratch too, with this stylish pasta machine. But be warned: you’ll never want to eat pasta out of a packet again! For those of you that are banting or cutting back on the carbs, zucchini noodles made using this multi-blade spiral slicer are a great alternative. Top it off with a handful of olives and roasted red pepper for a colourful, wholesome week night meal.

If you want to take things up a notch and impress your next dinner party guests, try your hand at seared sirloin steak served with a Herbs3classic Café de Paris butter. It’s a great way to use up parsley, chives and thyme from the garden all in one go, and you can prepare it the day before and pop it in the freezer overnight. We also suggest you invest in a grill pan if you haven’t already, to ensure those steaks are cooked to perfection.

If you’re mouth isn’t watering yet, then read on – we have one last treat for those of you with a sweet tooth. This may sound strange in an article about fresh herbs, but their delicate flavours and aromas lend themselves surprisingly well to a variety of desserts and baked goods.

Herbs4We love this Caramelised apples with fresh rosemary recipe by Martha Stewart – try it served with double cream yoghurt and pomegranate. End off the evening with a pot of rooibos tea with a few fresh mint leaves, and we guarantee you’ll fall into bed feeling more content that you’ve been in a long time.

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