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Introducing greenery through plants in your home is the easiest way to switch up a room or revive a tired space. If you simply don’t have time to maintain real greenery, faux botanicals are an easy way to achieve the same effect with little to no care required. 

Hanging plants add a whimsical relaxed feel to a space, but maintaining real hanging plants can become a messy affair. Choose faux hanging plants to lend the same feel without the hassle. Go for plants that mimic succulent-like greenery as these translate well into faux form thanks to their naturally waxy and plump appearance. 

TIP: Hanging faux plants outdoors or even misting them with water gives them a more natural look and feel. 


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When it comes to a larger space with large furniture pieces like a server or couch, confidently go for a big plant. This will add height and greenery in a bold statement that just works. 


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Add greenery and make a style statement by placing your faux plants in a designer pot. It could be a sleek, minimalist planter stand or a quirky ceramic one. 

TIP: Greenery can also be as simple as a few large green leaves from the garden in a stylish vase. Don’t have a garden? Go faux! 

You may not have the floor space to spare for a large floor pot but you make use of unused areas to bring greenery into your room. A window sill is a perfect spot for a small potted plant. Choose a pot that complements your decor, like a chic metallic shade or colourful glazed stoneware.  

TIP: Space-saving areas like the kitchen window, a bathroom shelf or even clearing a spot between items on a bookshelf is a simple way to refresh your space with plants. 


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