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Bring on the cold winter nights and chill in the mornings, the sun that sets early and is late to rise. Winter is on its way and there are plenty of reasons to be looking forward to it.

Think snuggly blankets and hugs in a mug, comfy couches and slumphy lounge wear, eating breakfast in bed, and supper under the covers watching your favourite series. One of the biggest reasons we love winter is that is presents the perfect opportunity to create a nice, cosy corner or nook for ourselves to which we can escape and cocoon.

We look at the 5 must-haves for your cosy winter nook.

  1. The blanket

Whether you are a lover of faux fur or more of a mohair maven, the blanket you choose to snuggle with in your nook is of absolute importance. Faux furs tend to be soft and very warm, often with a Sherpa or sheep shag underside making them super comfy. They also look great when you are not using them, draped over your favourite chair or bed. Sherpa blankets are soft, warm and light, perfect for moving from your bed to your nook as needed.

Read more about choosing the right blanket here.

  1. The cushions

You may be a cuddle on the couch or a curl up on the floor in front of the fire kind of person. Either way, a few beautiful, soft scatter cushions will make your winter retreat feel more special. Chunky knits are great for that warm, Scandi feel while gorgeous velvets in a range of deep jewel colours will add that lovely, huddled up feeling for your space.

  1. The candles

Create a warm ambience just with a few well-placed candles. Choose a selection of tall and shorter, thicker pillar candles for a cosy arrangement of light. If you are worried about falling asleep with your candles burning, choose candles in glass votive holders or scented jar candles as a simple solution that still adds plenty of atmosphere to your space.

  1. The fragrance

Fragrance is a powerful tool for creating atmosphere and the right fragrance can really make your space and hideaway time feel more cosy, warm and special. Choosing a particular fragrance is very personal but in general scents like vanilla, amber and sandalwood are warmer while citrus notes can be more refreshing to the senses. Lavender has calming properties while peppermint is invigorating. Reed diffusers give your home a constant scent or you may choose an oil burner and fragrance oils for a more on the spot therapeutic effect.

  1. The drink

You may retreat to your cosy nook to read your book or simply to just be. Depending on the mood and time of day you may choose a delicious and decadent mug of hot chocolate or a warming glass of triple distilled whiskey. For the yogi in you a good cup of rooibos tea or chai latte may be just the thing to get you back to your centre while the frazzled mom nerves may need a calming glass of red at the end of a long day. Whichever it is we have the right cups or glasses for you.

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