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The average person spends roughly one-third of their lifetime asleep. A mattress is a key player in your sleep game, so when it comes to caring for your most important player, it’s worth taking some time to do it properly to ensure an optimal night’s sleep as well as protect your investment. 

1. Mattress protectors

It is crucial to the longevity of your mattress to add a protective layer to the bed. A mattress protector looks like a fitted sheet with a quilted lightly padded layer that acts as a barrier to moisture and spills. You can also get waterproof mattress protectors which have an increased level of protection from liquid spills. They can be especially effective on children’s beds, co-sleeping with a young baby, breastfeeding or if you just like to drink your morning coffee in bed, it will stop any spills and splatters seeping through to your mattress. Adding this simple step will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to buy a new mattress before you actually need to.

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A mattress topper can also prolong the life of your bed and act as a protective layer.

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2. Clean spills immediately 

Life happens. If there are any spills on your mattress, make sure your clean them immediately with warm, soapy water and a cloth and remove dust and debris with a soft brush. Allow the mattress to air and completely dry before replacing the sheets and bedding. 

3. Tread carefully

A quality mattress is made up of specialised layers and materials, carefully designed to offer years of comfortable sleep. Make sure you treat your mattress as you would any other piece of furniture in your home. Don’t let kids (or anyone for that matter) jump on your bed, and if you do have to move it for whatever reason, avoid allowing it to bend. 

4. Wash your bedding regularly

It may seem obvious, but what you put on the bed is as important as the mattress itself. Take care to place clean bedding on your mattress at least every 1 to 2 weeks. This avoids any dirt from your bedding making its way through to your mattress.

It is ideal to have 2 – 3 sets of bedding for your bed to allow for washing and drying time between changes. 

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5. Let it breathe: Air your mattress

Allow your mattress to air daily by leaving the covers off for a while after you get up. This will allow any moisture to evaporate and odours to disperse.

Mattress Care FAQs

When do I need a new mattress? 

You will know when you need a new mattress. Usually, an uncomfortable or disturbed night’s sleep, lumpiness or a feeling that more support is needed is a good indicator. If you often wake up with aches or pains it could be time to start shopping.

Which mattress is best? 

There’s not one best mattress. Every person has their own sleep habits, budget, and preference, but our mattress guide is a good place to start when deciding which to buy. 

Do you need to buy a bed base with your mattress? 

A bed base is important as it is quite literally the foundation that your mattress rests on. It is also a specially designed item that optimises the comfort of your mattress and allows ventilation so that your mattress can breathe. If you already have a bed base at home you do not need to buy one with your new mattress. However, if your bed base is not well suited to your new mattress type you may not get the full intended use from your mattress. Shop mattress and base sets> 

What is the best mattress for my sleep style?

In general, the 3 sleep positions are side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers should look for plush or medium comfort level mattresses as they generally have enough padding to reduce pressure points like shoulders and hips. Back sleepers should look for memory foam or hybrid mattresses as their materials are best for conforming to the spine, neck and head. Stomach sleepers, while it is advised to try and avoid sleeping on your stomach, should avoid soft mattresses and opt instead for firmer mattress options which provide better support for this position by aligning the neck and spine. 

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