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They say your greatest wealth is your health, and we tend to agree. Cultivating a happy, healthy lifestyle starts at home and is affected by all aspects of your life. It’s no good eating well but not getting enough sleep or never getting the blood pumping with some exercise.

Get ready for summer and start the season right with a few healthy habits in your home.


It’s no surprise that this tip is at the top of our list. In order to be well rested and productive, create a sleep sanctuary that will encourage deep and tranquil sleep. It starts with a good quality mattress and duvet and pillow inners for a comfortable place to rest your head. Just as important though is the quality of your sheets and duvet cover. Consider the thread count of your sheeting as well as the fabric to ensure that you create a hygienic and breathable space to spend at least eight hours of your night.


Healthy eating is one of the world’s most talked about subjects, from fad diets to lifestyle eating habits. Whatever your choices or nutritional restrictions, being well nourished is an extremely important part of life. We suggest taking your eating habits one step further by cooking with high-quality equipment. The Italian-made Risoli Dr Green Pan range is one of those must-haves for cooking without fat and over low heat, keeping the food wholesome and more flavoursome.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, juicing is the ultimate healthy habit. Whether you’re a ‘fruit-only’ juicer or a ‘throw it all in’ type, a good juicer is a necessary kitchen tool for a healthy home. If juicing isn’t your thing, you’ll have to agree that we all need our eight glasses of water per day. So if you’re one of those who only drink while exercising or don’t like the taste of plain water, try our fruit-infusing water bottles or one with a built in ice-tube for icy cold goodness.


Allow the healthy theme to grow throughout your home and clear out anything that could be harmful to your health. Read our tips on how to create a healthy home this spring and bring the outdoors in. If you love to entertain, your guests will love the natural feel of this bamboo dinnerware range made from all natural bamboo, wood and glass.


Finally, make room for a healthier you in your home. Find your natural style and allow your home to promote healthy habits for you and your family. Do this by creating a well-designed meditation space or just a sunny spot where you can curl up and read a book on a Sunday afternoon.

It takes repetition and dedication to form a routine, but once you get into the swing of a new type of lifestyle, the benefits of these healthy habits are immediately tangible. Try them today, and let us know what works for you in the comments below.

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