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Are Breville Appliances Any Good?

When you think Breville you trust that these are the best small kitchen appliances for you, but why?

  • Breville is a established brand delivering products backed by a warrantee – Breville appliances are expertly designed using quality materials since 1932.
  • Breville continuously tweak their products based on consumer insights to make them better.
  • Breville are a category leader for good reason, offering incredible value for money: better quality than similar products in the same category.
  • Breville products are beautifully designed to be on countertop display, not hidden away in a cupboard.

Is Breville a good brand? No, it is a great brand! This is why it is one of the bestselling brands from @home. Here are our top 5 choices for your Breville kitchen.

Which is the best Breville coffee machine?

The Breville Barista Express in action.

The Breville Barista Express has been in production since 2011! It has remained one of the most popular bean-to-cup coffee machines in the USA and Canada year after year. In fact, it is an all time @home bestseller too!

Even the experts say this coffee machine is the best in the ‘prosumer’ category! By why is it so great?

  • The experts love it’s tweakable features that allow you to experiment with settings like coffee amount and grind size.
  • It has a very capable grinder and a super fine grind means more flavourful coffee.
  • The powerful steamer is an industrial design capable of producing microfoam.
  • A unique thermocoil heating element provides the optimal temperature for pressurised extraction in just 1 minute.
  • It is designed to last with quality parts where it matters most: stainless steel heating elements made Italy; stainless steel conical burr grinder; and stainless steel portafilters.

Overall verdict: 10/10 for those who wish to pursue hobbyist coffee making without being intimidated by an overly complicated larger machine.

Shop the Breville Barista Express here.

What is a Bluicer?

A combination of 2 handy kitchen devices, a juicer  and a blender,  the latest in range of multitasking kitchen gadgets from Breville that make your kitchen-life easier.

With the help of a Breville 3X Bluicer you’re able to juice your greens and then add things like ice or yoghurt or other ingredients to blend into a smoothie.

Breville owns top position for the best Bluicer on the market because the Breville 3X Bluicer is:

  • Space saving: minimal parts and slim design.
  • Features a brilliantly engineered blade, powerful motor and jug design that make quick work of even the toughest ingredients like kale and spinach without needing a pulse function.
  • Offers seamless, mess free interchangeability between juicer and blender attachments.
  • All the dirty bits are dishwasher safe nd easy to clean.

Overall verdict: 10/10 for those who want to ditch 2 kitchen must-haves for 1 super efficient liquidising machine.

Shop the Breville Bluicer here.

What is the Breville Boss To Go?

The Breville Boss To Go is a neat little device that is based on the winning technology of the full sized Breville blenders. This nifty gadget does the hard work preparing smoothies and more in 1 person servings.

Novel uses for the Breville Boss To Go:

  • Making freshly made nut butters.
  • As a cocktail mixer.
  • Handy as a small batch ice crusher
  • Prepare now enjoy later smoothies with flip top lid attachments.

The mighty 1000 watt motor will reduce your greens to smithereens in seconds. The best bit? Ever other blender has a plastic on metal motor to blade coupling, and the Boss To Go has metal on metal. The design quality is superb.

10/10 for build quality and performance. A powerful alternative to the Nutribullet.

Shop the Breville Boss To Go here.

Is the Breville Cold Fountain any good?

With this new kitchen essential, Breville’s cold spin technology keeps those precious raw vitamins and minerals intact when you juice! Unlike many other juicers on the market you can put whole apples, carrots, pears and cucumbers into the large shoot and the Cold Fountain will get to work extracting up to 2L of juice at a time.

Reasons to own a Breville Cold Fountain:

  • Features a huge pulp bin means you can juice uninterrupted for longer.
  • It is super simple to clean – all the bits that would get dirty are dishwasher safe.
  • You’ll get an almost 70% yield on most fruits and vegetables!
  • Enjoy less prep work and chopping than other juicers on the market.

10/10 for pulp free juice!

Shop the Breville Cold Fountain here.

Is it worth buying a Breville Multi Chef?

Ditch your steamer and slow-cooker and let this multi-cooker to the word for you! What should seal it for you is that Heston Blumenthal helped developed this one stop kitchen device. According to user reviews, it does, as claimed, make perfectly prepared risotto at the touch of a button.

Why you’ll love the Multi-chef features:

  • Generous 3.7L capacity to make up to 8 portions of whatever you are cooking.
  • Sear function allows you to brown onions and meat before slow cooking.
  • Use the ‘keep warm’ function as a fondue pot alternative.
  • Steam dumplings and your favourite vegetables in the removable steaming basket.

10/10 for perfect risotto and tender stews.

Shop the Breville Multi Chef here.

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