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Make your own pasta

Making fresh pasta is not as complicated as you might think. Once you’ve tried it you will see why it’s worth the extra effort. It’s also a fun activity to share with your partner, friends or kids. You don’t need a pasta machine to make it, a rolling pin or even a glass bottle will do the trick just fine. However, if you want to get it closer to perfect you could invest in a manual pasta machine or even a luxury pasta maker for consistent results every time. There are so many easy pasta recipes available online that use only 2 or 3 ingredients. 

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TIP: A good pasta maker ensures your fresh pasta dishes are always consistently great. 

Get everyone involved

From suggesting pasta ideas for dinner to setting the table and making the meal, pasta night is a great time to get guests or family involved in dinner prep. A meal can be over in moments so make the most of together time by making food prep a social event. 

Use what you have to create something new

Play around in the kitchen by choosing 3 ingredients from your fridge or pantry. This is a great way to experiment with flavours and textures for a new pasta combination. Choosing 3 main ingredients will focus the flavour of the dish. Think of it as your own mini Masterchef challenge; peppers, mushroom and bacon or spinach, broccoli and baby marrow for example- then add a cream or tomato based sauce and you’re done. Not only will you utilise ingredients you already have but you may discover a new combo and create a signature dish. 

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Have fun: family pasta dinner ideas

Use pasta night as an excuse to let go and give into the playful side of cooking. You could go all out Italian by setting the table like an Italian restaurant, find an Italian cooking playlist on Spotify and lean into the silly side of pasta prep. Get the kids involved by having them create a menu for the meal. 

Make it an occasion

Make pasta night feel special even if it’s a Tuesday evening at home. Set the table using your best crockery and go all out with a tablecloth, candles and flowers. Whether it’s one of your best pasta dishes or just a simple Bolognese, it will feel instantly elevated with an elegant table setting.

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