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Autumn1With the weather cooling down and the leaves on the trees starting to change colour, it’s clear that autumn is here… and with it comes all the reasons to love this season. Autumn isn’t known for the excitement of new buds and things to come, and it’s not quite cuddling up with hot chocolate and a cosy duvet weather either; however, there are some wonderful things to love about autumn.

1. Colours and shades:

It’s the most obvious reason to love this season but the changing leaves bring a whole new colour palette to your home and wardrobe. Think darker shades of orange and brown, emerald green and even navy – you can bring them in wherever you can, including cushions, linen and towels. Fill your house with vases of Proteas and Strelitzias, or orange and red roses, and bring out the warmer scents like vanilla and sandalwood.

2. Time spent outdoors:

Even though the sun is coming up later and going down earlier, there is still a short window of time after work to enjoy the crisp air and even watch the sunset before dinner. So take a walk in the park or along the sea, and enjoy a sundowner or a glass of wine on your porch. It’s your last chance to enjoy what’s left of the warmer weather so make the most of it.

3. Prepping for the cold:autumn2

It may not be everyone’s favourite pasttime, but there is something to be said for that cleaning routine before winter sets in. Clear out your summer clothes, give away the ones you haven’t used this season, and make space for your winter coats and boots. Get out those down duvets, wash your winter linen and buy a new throw to match this season’s colours. Put up a hat stand or a few coat hooks in the entrance hall so your guests can hang their coats up when they arrive for dinner.

4. A change in menu:

Instead of crisp summer salads, try seasonal roast veg with couscous or a wholesome soup as a starter. It’s not quite cold enough for casseroles and stews, but there are a few colder evenings where a hearty roast will go down a treat. Make sure you buy a roasting pot or casserole dish so you have one when you need it.

5. Quality time with friends:

On those colder days, when outdoor activities are less appealing, bring out those recipe books and find something delicious to bake. It’s also a lovely time for tea parties with your friends or a poker night with the boys.

Make it your mission to find something new to love this season, and post a comment to let us know what you discover. Remember that the shortest day is not all that far away, and before you know it winter will come and go, and we’ll be one step closer to spring and those warm summer days all over again.

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