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Everyone at home 24/7 can mean a lot of clutter and mess. Take control and organize your home in just a few easy steps.

Get rid of the rubbish

This is the easiest way to clear up any room immediately. Think packaging, old papers, used envelopes, out of ink pens. Reducing the volume of obvious trash will help you clear a bit of space needed to make better decisions in each room.

If it doesn’t belong, move it out

Things tend to gather in certain spaces or rooms in your house, usually the kitchen. Before you get to organizing cupboards and shelves, move everything out that doesn’t belong in that room. You can create a pile of all the non-belongings first, then sort it out by room before returning items to their rightful place.

Tidy papers, books and magazines

These usually pile up in the living room. Before you know it, the TV remote is under the newspaper, the pile of books on the side table just seems to grow and it’s magazines magazines magazines everywhere. Neaten any piles where appropriate or restock your living room shelves.

One drawer at a time

Collectively, cluttered shelves and drawers are overwhelming. Which means you may never get to sorting them. Rather concentrate on one drawer at a time, and the work will seem a lot easier this way.

Let go of items you don’t use

Now that you are working from home more often, you may start to notice all the things you have accumulated that you don’t actually use. Start with the things that are missing a component or that have been waiting to be fixed for the last few years. If you haven’t been using it for a while, you don’t really need it there. If you haven’t had it fixed yet, you are not likely to.

Approach each room with these same principles and your home can be clutter free in just about no time: Start with the obvious, lessen the volume, then focus on one area at a time.

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