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Whether you’re planning to host cocktail parties, dinners with friends or if your family is coming to stay to celebrate Christmas these holidays – make sure your home is ready when your guests arrive.

These events shouldn’t be stressful, and it should be just as special for you as it is for your guests. We’ve thought of five things you can do to make every visit a special occasion.

A grand entrance

Your guests’ experience starts as they pull up to your driveway or as soon as they walk up to your entrance – so don’t overlook the part of your house that they see first. Decorate your entrance with a fresh wreath on the door if it’s a Christmas party, play with some art, or place a beautiful rug or carpet right at the front door.

An easy way to add some ambience and to make guests feel welcome, is by adding a few candles to your entrance hall or having an outdoor light.

Let go of perfection

Having a clean home doesn’t always mean having everything in place and your whole house looking perfect. Most people prefer a home that looks like there’re people actually living there, and it makes them feel more comfortable as well.

While it is important that your home is clean and not overly cluttered, it’s okay to leave things lying around that makes your house a home. Use sideboards, consoles or a drinks trolley as an easy way to make it seem like everything is in place. Also remember to not clean up while your guests are still there, and focus more on being a good hostess and enjoying your time with them.

A fresh touch

This one never gets old. Whether it’s fresh fruit or fresh flowers, they always add a welcoming and festive touch to your home. Have some fresh produce in a nice fruit bowl in your kitchen where guests can see them, or place some flowers in your living room in a stylish vase. One of our favourite this summer, is a hanging fruit basket in rose gold.

Stock up on supplies

What’s better than shopping for special things to keep in your home to spoil your guests with? Think soft towels, light sheets, new pillows, hand wash, candles… The list goes on. Be prepared by making sure you have multiple sets of essentials and keep these in a separate shelf for guests. This will make it easy to find and to see when you run out of stock.

Having the bathroom stocked up with shampoo, conditioner, a hand wash and lotion will make your guests feel like they’re visiting a hotel. If you really want to spoil them, why not leave an extra pair of slippers and a robe in their room as well. These are all nice gestures in case they forgot to bring their own.

A touch of holiday

The best part about the holidays is that anything goes, and you can decorate your home however you want. Add some seasonal touches to everyday home accessories by adding decorations, candles or fairy lights, and make sure everyone that enters your home can feel the festiveness of the season!

Hosting friends and family can be a lot of fun. You get to spend time with those you love and show off your home, so make sure you’re prepared this year. Extra tip: always have a cold bottle of bubbly in the fridge. After all, it is holiday time and there’s bound to be many things to celebrate 😉

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