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Whether you’re renting your home out on Airbnb, using a letting agent, or doing a house swop, this check list will make your life so much simpler:


If you’re a hoarder, now is the time to let go! Your Airbnb guests are unlikely to appreciate your memorabilia, and it will make your home feel cluttered. Start by making three piles: keep, give away, throw away/ recycle. Once you’ve narrowed it down, decide what should be on display, and what should be packed away. As a rule of thumb, if it’s pretty or practical, leave it out; if it’s personal, pack it away.

Arrange your kitchen in an intuitive way, and make it easy for your guests to keep the house neat and tidy. This two-part eco recycle bin is sleek in design and fits in to even the tightest spaces, so is a great addition to any kitchen. And this diagonal bamboo storage drawer is perfect for to keep utensils well-ordered and accessible.

Choose quality over quantity

We all know that Egyptian cotton is the ultimate luxury in bed linen – it’s smooth, soft and silky against the skin. And it doesn’t get better than our premium range of 800 thread count Egyptian cotton duvets, available in white, pink, grey and blue.

If your towels are looking a bit thread bare, stock up on a few new ones too. Take your pick from ribbed, bamboo or zero twist, which have extra strength while keeping that plush touch. Remember to select colours that complement the style of your bedroom and bathroom, and include hand towels as well as bath sheets.

Spoil your guests

A bit of pampering is always a welcome treat, so make sure your bathroom is fully stocked with all the necessities for guests to unwind, relax and feel ready for the holiday ahead. Make sure you have a pretty soap or two, fragrant shower gel, a decadent body scrub and a hydrating hand and body lotion.

Freshly ground coffee is also a great touch. We love the Chipembere All African Arabica coffee blend – as it’s the perfect way to enjoy a delicious coffee knowing you are supporting the rhino.

Add a personal touch

Little gestures go a long way to make guests feel at home. For example, if you live near the beach, put a couple of stylish stripy beach towels out for your guests; or if you’re in a City, compile a list of your favourite restaurants within walking distance.

A comprehensive welcome pack is also a must. Keep it short and easy to read, with practical tips and advice, house/ complex rules, emergency phone numbers and instructions on how to use the washing machine, TV etc.

Ask for a review

If you are using Airbnb, make sure you ask your guests for a review when they leave, so that future guests can read a personal account of your home or apartment. Peer reviews go a long way when it comes to building credibility.

Happy hosting!

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