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With the festive season fast approaching you want to provide family and friends with the perfect dinner for the occasion. A classic roast is a great way to bring everyone together. These are our 5 tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your feast:

  1. Pick the right cut of meat.

A wide variety of meats make for a fantastic roast. First assess how many people you are serving and your price range. If you are leaning towards beef a well-marbled shoulder cut will be inexpensive, and flavourful. For a softer, juicier roast choose a cut of meat like prime rib. If you prefer pork, choose a tender shoulder cut that can economically feed numerous guests. Loin is another good option for pleasing a crowd while staying within budget.

  • Brown The Roast First                                                                                                                                             It’s generally a good idea to brown meat on the stovetop before slowly roasting it in the oven at low temperature. This preliminary step starts to caramelise the meat’s surface, giving your roast a deeper, more satisfying flavour. If you pop the roast directly into the oven, you risk a relatively bland outcome.
  • Allow Enough Cooking Time

Festive gatherings can be stressful, and full of distractions, but it’s important to keep an eye your roast. Be sure your roast enough time in the oven, but don’t let it get dried out. Keep checking the internal temperature of your roast to ensure it isn’t over or under cooked.

  • Give It Time To Rest

When family and friends are gathered around the table, you’re eager to get your roast out of the oven and served. Don’t rush it, though. Allowing your roast time to rest is an essential part of preparation, letting the meat reach an ideal temperature for maximum flavour and juiciness. Again, use a meat thermometer so you can be certain your roast comes out just right and has had enough time to rest.

** Tip: While your roast is resting use some of the basting in the roasting pan to finish off your gravy.

  • Presentation Counts!

A roast is a fantastic festive meal, but it’s also the focal point of your dining table. Create a beautifully presented roast with thoughtful plating choices and garnishing. Consider surrounding a wonderfully prepared piece of meat with seasonal vegetables or beautifully roasted potatoes.

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