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Black Friday sales are almost upon us and while there are certainly great deals to be had, it can quickly become an overwhelming experience. Like any sale, if you don’t approach it with a plan, it is easy to get carried away and overshop or hesitate and lose out on some really great savings.

If you’re looking to avoid the busy malls and shop online instead, follow our 5 tips on how to best shop Black Friday offers this year. 

When is Black Friday in South Africa?

The 2021 Black Friday date is 26 November. This is the official day but a lot of stores start their deals and sales a few days or even weeks earlier and then extend them after the date. 

Create your online profile

Having an online profile means being able to link any Account cards if you plan on shopping on account. It also means you can add deals to your bag and checkout with ease.

You can create your TFG online profile here

Have a budget

Before you start shopping on the day, decide how much you are willing to spend in total. This might mean you prioritise or remove certain items from your list but at the end of the day you don’t want to regret overspending.

If there is something you absolutely must have but don’t have the budget for at the time of Black Friday, you can shop @home deals with your TFG account card online.

Here are some additional budget-friendly benefits of shopping Black Friday with @home

  • Safe and secure payment options include credit and debit cards (Visa & MasterCard), eGift card, any TFG Account card and EFT.
  • FREE delivery (excluding Furniture) for orders over R500.
  • FREE collection from over 900+ TFG Stores.

Make wishlists

Timing is everything on Black Friday. Great deals sell out fast so you need to act quickly. To avoid wasting time searching for the items you are after, create a wishlist online before Black Friday so that all the items you want are in one place. It is also a great way to check if the items you were hoping would be on offer actually are reduced or not. If they are, you can quickly add them to your basket from the wishlist and check out. 

Here’s how to create a wishlist on our website: once you have created an online shopping account, simply click on the product you want to add, then click the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button just below the purple Add To Bag button.

Get the latest info

Most brands will share their most up-to-date information on sales, deals and promos on their social media pages so make sure you’re following all the brands and stores you’re hoping to catch a Black Friday deal from. 

Follow @home on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates 
Even better, get early VIP access when you sign up to our newsletter.

Set reminders

You don’t want to sleep in on Black Friday. High ticket items are often limited in terms of quantity. Retailers want to offer great savings but might need to put a lid on how many units they can offer at a reduced price. Once you have your list, budget and plan set out, set reminders with an alarm on your phone for a few minutes before each sale is set to start, giving you time to add an item to your basket and check out as soon as you can once the deal or offer is live. 

Happy shopping!
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