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In this new world of blurred lines between work and home, there is more than ever the need to take some time off for self-care. At least you know your bed is always there, waiting to welcome you.

The healthy rest and rejuvenation day

Get yourself back on track with some much-needed R&R. Think reviving herbal teas or a turmeric latte in bed, catching up on Instagram inspiration or sorting through your feelings in your notebook. Your cat or dog is snuggled up close to you for extra comfort and you have added a relaxing scent to your electric fragrance diffuser.

The deep dive under the covers day

Then there are those days that require a bit of wallowing in the dark, comfy under your goose or duck down duvet and silky soft Egyptian cotton covers. Your pillows are stacked up under and around you for added protection. A plush faux fur feels like a warm hug as you hunker down to escape the world outside. A lavender room fragrance is a great calming scent for days like this. The only time you are willing to get up is for another indulgent dark hot chocolate or chai latte.

The on the couch under the covers day

Sometimes there is nothing more indulgent than taking the day off to stay on the couch and catch up on your favourite series. Hours and hours of bliss. Your favourite throws and blankets are a must. If you are watching on your laptop or catching up on work emails on the side, a laptop tray or sturdy side table is also essential.  Plan ahead with some go-to baked treats and set yourself up with a barista-style coffee at home in time for episode 1.

The home spa duvet day

You are not just mentally but physically worn out. Take some time to pamper yourself, body and spirit. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating shower, reviving your skin with a self-love scrub or soap, infused with invigorating essential oils and scents. Get into your fluffiest gown, wooly socks or comfy slippers and back under the covers. Sipping on a fruit infused tea, paging through a favourite magazine or feeling inspired by a new cookbook, you will feel much better at the end of this day. A softly scented candle will add to that beautiful feeling.

The make a fort & hide away day

If you are having a day that requires a complete block out of the world outside, you can build yourself a blanket fort and hide away. Some essentials are plenty of blankets and throws, pillows and scatter cushions to decorate the interior of your fort, your best duvet, LED lights or LED candles for atmosphere, your favourite book and a few snacks and treats.

Remember to post a Keep Out sign on your fort and enjoy the time alone!

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