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summerWe’ve enjoyed a few months of lovely hot weather and summer is not over yet. With plenty of sunshine early sunrises and late sunsets, there is still time to plan activities and enjoy every minute. Here are 5 ways you can soak up the summer heat and make the most of the weather before the cold weather takes hold:

  1. Pack your picnic and head to the beach or the dam

Everybody loves a good spot to swim and tan, and with the heat waves we’ve been having, you’ll need to keep close to the water. You’ll need a fully kitted picnic basket so you don’t leave anything behind and plenty of water, fresh fruit and snacks. Don’t forget your beach towel and an umbrella because you’re going to bake out there!

  1. Get those loungers out and spend every afternoon at the pool

If you work a 9 to 5 job and still want to make the most of summer, there is plenty of time to do it after work. Make sure you have a comfy chair or lounger that you can sit on outside and read a book, swim or just enjoy the outdoors until the sun sets and it’s time for dinner. Who says you can only enjoy summer on the weekend?

  1. Invite your friends around for a late afternoon snack or a braai

If you love entertaining, then summer is your season. Invite your friends over, light the braai and let the kids swim until the sun goes down. Don’t forget to serve delicious snacks and dips for the guests to nibble on while the braai gets going. You’ll need some summer cocktails too to keep the heat at bay.

  1. Grab the dogs and the kids and spend the afternoon at the park

If the beaches are too crowded, why not pop down to your local park instead? The dogs and the kids will thank you and you can enjoy a relaxed picnic or read a book while they play. The best thing about the park is that it’s usually nice and cool with shady spots under the trees. Don’t forget your picnic blanket so you don’t have to sit on the grass.

  1. Enjoy the late sunsets with a romantic dinner on the patio

The best part of summer is the long warm evenings, with a cool relief from the heat of the day. Enjoy this time of the evening with your loved one out on the patio. Set the table with a nice tablecloth, your simple dinnerware and a couple of lanterns or candles to set the mood. Make a big salad, full of the good stuff and have cold roast chicken or healthy wraps while you enjoy the golden hour.

However you choose to enjoy summer, be sure to do it with friends and family and make the most of the days. Share your summer moments on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us.


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