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small1We’re slowly heading into winter, and if there’s one season you need to prep for, this is it. Every season has its must have  items, and in wintertime it’s all about keeping your home warm and cosy without losing that stylish touch. Our list of five must haves will prepare (and hopefully even make you excited) for the new season. 

1. Cosy blankets 

Nothing says winter more than cuddling up on the sofa with a glass of wine after a long day at work or during the cold rainy weekends. Bring warmth to your space with some knitted or fur blankets and embrace the comfort of snuggling up in cosy blankets and throws during the cold winter months. 

2. Textured gownsTexturedG

When the weather begins to cool down, there is nothing more heavenly than shrugging off the day’s worries and wrapping up in the comfort of a soft and cosy gown. Make bedtime even better this winter by wrapping yourself up in our range of textured gowns.

3. Early morning coffee

With rain replacing summer sunshine,Earlymorning your reluctance to get out of bed tends to go up exponentially! Luckily the smell of a delicious cup of coffee can work wonders, so make sure you invest in a new coffee machine this winter and read our 9 tips to become a coffee connoisseur.

4. Winter cookware

Winter is the season for comfort food, and you’ll need at least one new casserole dish to prepare your healthy winter warmers in. Love, cook and celebrate winter with a non-stick cookware casserole – perfect for when you’re craving wholesome meals or hosting a dinner party.

5. Comfort food Winter

From butternut soup to lasagne, chicken pasta to Thai green curry, you need hearty recipes to keep you warm over the next few months. To go with your new cookware, gather a few new recipes to try out this winter and spoil your family with. We love this pork belly with moussaka vinaigrette recipe by George Calombaris.

We hope these suggestions have warmed you up to the idea of cosy nights in, time with friends and family, and a little shopping trip or two to ensure you’re all set to brave the next few months. If you can think of any other winter must-haves,  post a comment and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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