6 Of The Best Stain Removal Tricks.

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Are you shying away from giving yourself a hotel-worthy sleep experience because keeping your crisp white linen as good as new seems like an impossible task? You might be surprized to find out that in fact lighter linens can be quite forgiving. If you follow some simple preventive tips and allow us to show you how to delete those stains, your white bedding can look as good as new 5 years from now.

Our top tips for keeping your linen snowy white.

  1. 3 is not a crowd – having more than two bed linen sets on your bed will save each set from over-wear, meaning each set gets washed more and used less, thus increasing it’s life span.
  2. Twice weekly laundry – Changing those items that come into ore frequent contact with your skin will save them in the long run. Pillowcases and sheets bare most of the brunt when it comes to use. So wash these twice a week to prevent discolouration.
  3. The pre-soak cycle is your friend – soaking your white linen the night before a wash really helps your detergent get between the fibres. You can do this in your machine or bath 6 – 12 hours before a wash using warm water a bit of powder bleach like OxyBright or Vanish. Once you’ve soaked, wash as per normal.
  4. The heat is on – not only is washing at 60C great for getting rid of dust mites and other allergens, heat keeps your whites brighter. Make sure you get rid of spot stains before washing on high heat to avoid them setting.
  5. A new job for Handy Andy – the best for spot stain removal. Handy Andy and similar cream bleach products work a charm just by applying to the affected area and working through with a soft brush, sponge or by hand. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse out before washing as normal.
  6. Stay out of the sun – for white linen, avoid direct sunlight. Opt for drying inside on a clothes rack, outside in the shade or in the tumble drier on low heat as direct sun ‘yellows’ whites over time and damages the fibres making them more fragile.

Now that you are ‘in the know’ you can erase those visions of endlessly scrubbing linens in a tub full of bleach. You’re linen, if cared for correctly, can last you more than 10 years.

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