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Naturals continue to be one of the most prevalent trends and colours for the home, and create an instant air of country sophistication.

When it comes to your bedroom, hand pick a few simple décor pieces that add a natural touch and make you feel calm and relaxed. Here are some practical tips to do just that:

Add simple lines to any bedroom with neutral curtains, such as these lined extra length eggshell curtains. Leave them open all day, to let as much natural light in as possible, and keep the light soft as the sun goes down. Opt for a standing lamp or candles, rather than bright overhead lights to achieve this. For example, you can hang a couple of natural bamboo candle holders around the
room and light them as you unwind after a long day.

Creating a sense of space is also key – and one of the simplest ways to do this is with a full-length mirror. We love this Dune mirror, made from acacia wood – it’s timeless and elegant, and big enough to be a statement piece.

Also carve out space to just enjoy a pot of tea or flip through your favourite magazine. Taking its design cues from local African artisanal style, this Malawian chair is great for a sunny alcove or corner of the room.

When it comes to your bed – pick linen that is neutral, with scatter cushions to suit your personal taste and style. If you want to continue with the natural theme, have a look at this exquisite hand woven cushion, made from raffia and chindi.

When considering storage space, opt for something that is beautiful as well as practical. The Dune pedestal has a simple, modern design and is perfect to have next to your bed or bath. A hand woven small storage basket is another great option, to store magazines or books, or even beach towels.

And last, but not least, treat yourself to a soft cotton room spray, with a clean, light scent that you will enjoy every time you walk in to your bedroom.

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