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These uncertain times are giving even the most chilled of us some level of anxiety- we’re leading busier lives, taking on more and slowing down less. The good news is that simple self-care routines that are all about putting yourself first for a few minutes (or hours) can be incorporated into the everyday hustle and bustle and don’t need to cost you a fortune. 

1.Take care of your body 

Healthy body, healthy mind- you know the drill. Eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water and getting in some moderate exercise are all important and help improve your overall mood and stress levels. 

Doing something simple like walking to the shop instead of driving can get in more steps than you think and it won’t cost you a thing! Motivating yourself into drinking more water by buying yourself a beautiful glass water bottle or adding some healthy greens to your morning smoothie are all little steps you can take to improve your health. 

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2. Declutter 

Marie Kondo your life and spend a bit of time decluttering, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel when you get rid of the things you don’t need or use. Donate that old stack of magazines to an old-age home and your kids’ old toys to a children’s home and we guarantee you’ll feel great. 

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3. Put on a face mask 

If you can’t afford a monthly facial or even if you can, putting on a weekly face mask is a little at-home luxury you can do in 20 minutes or less. There are so many affordable options out there that cater to every skin type, so find one that works for you or treat yourself to a new one each week. Spending some time pampering your skin is a mood-boosting ritual we can definitely get used to. 

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Budget tip: Raid your fridge and make yourself a DIY face mask with plain yoghurt. Yoghurt contains probiotics and the lactic acid works as a mild exfoliator that’ll give you a natural, healthy glow. 

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4. Indulge in barista-quality coffee at home 

If you can’t function without your daily caffeine fix, welcome to the club! And if a takeaway coffee is your love language why not treat yourself to a coffee machine that’ll brighten up your day when you indulge in your daily fix (and help the planet by cutting down on disposable cups). 

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5. Be mindful and breathe 

Even just a few minutes of mindful breathing a day can help to lower stress and clear your head. Take it up a level and put a calming essential oil into a diffuser while you inhale and exhale, lavender is a good choice before bedtime to help you sleep and peppermint is a natural stress-relieving scent. 

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6. Soak it all up 

A warm bath has many health benefits like easing aching muscles and joints and it can even help with a better night’s sleep. All we know is that after a hard day, there’s nothing better than climbing in and unwinding. Add some Epsom salts, put on relaxing music, light a candle, switch off the lights and get ready for the magic to happen. 

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7. Prioritise your sleep 

Sleep and well-being go hand in hand, so make sure you’re going to bed at a similar time every night and getting in those quality zzzs. And if you’ve spent way too many nights counting sheep have a look at the recent post we did on ways to take back your sleep wellness for a tip or two. 

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