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Creating a more sustainable kitchen (and living a more sustainable life) can seem like a daunting task, but if we all do our bit and make small changes to our daily routine, we can make a difference and give back to Mother Nature. 

  1. Use Natural Cleaning Products 

This change is definitely something that requires the least bit of effort in a quest for a more sustainable kitchen. Harmful chemicals like chlorine and ammonia found in most mainstream cleaning products are bad for us and for the environment and are not the only solution to get rid of germs in our homes. Health shops and local supermarkets offer a selection of cleaning products made from naturally-derived ingredients that get the job done without harming the planet. Or why not make up your own powerful cleaning agent by mixing vinegar, water and lemon juice? This power combo will keep your kitchen counters squeaky clean and also be completely food safe when you’re meal prepping. 

  1.  Say no to plastic 

Taking your own reusable bags with you when shopping is a really simple thing to do in the fight against plastic, and even if you head to the shop unexpectedly, there are many fold-up options that can be kept in your car or handbag to ensure you’re never caught without one. 

Shop Simply Stored bags here 

We know it’s way more fun having a drink with a straw, but plastic is a no-no. 

These Rose Gold Curved Straws by Gypsy are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic straws. They look great and come with a brush for cleaning to keep them as good as new. 

Shop the full Gypsy Straw range here 

3. Buy local 

Even a decade ago it was almost impossible to find an avocado out of season, now they’re available all year round (although they cost an arm and leg). Although it’s really handy to be able to get any type of produce whenever we want or need it, it comes at a cost to the planet- think about the pollution that occurred while flying the fruit or vegetable from halfway across the world. 

Choose to eat seasonally available produce and support your local farmers’ market – the food will be fresh, will last longer than store-bought options and it won’t come in a plastic container. 

Growing your own is also a great way to save money and live sustainably. Even if you don’t have a garden there are ways to grow vegetables and herbs on a balcony and even indoors with the Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden

4. Choose quality over quantity 

Choosing sustainable cooking equipment is not easy on your bank balance, but we only have one planet and we all have to do our bit to reduce our consumption and waste. Cast iron cookware is an investment up front, but if properly looked after it will last years and can even be passed down to future generations. Quality cast iron pots when taken from the oven to the table not only look beautiful, they keep food hot because they retain heat so well. 

Shop Le Creuset Cast Iron here 

5. Glass food storage 

Swapping out plastic containers with glass is a sustainability step in the right direction. Glass is long-lasting, recyclable and certain foods will not leave it discoloured like plastic. It’s also durable and you’ll be able to bake, store and freeze in glass containers which isn’t always possible with plastic. 

Shop Simply Stored Glass here 

6. Compost

It’s become easy (and non-smelly!) to compost when you have the right tools. The Brabantia Sort and Go bin is a good-looking addition to your countertop that can house all of your organic waste until it’s time to take it to your compost bin. Our kitchens are the largest food waste culprits, and putting it back into the earth (instead of in a landfill) is the best thing we can do to help with the problem. 

7. Choose the right cleaning tools 

Did you know that most kitchen sponges are made with polyurethane? 

Go plastic-free and choose options made from copper, wood pulp or bamboo that are kinder to Mother Earth and to you. 

The Redecker range of cleaning tools are made from natural and sustainable materials and will not only last but will look great in your kitchen too. 

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