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You know that wow feeling when you walk into a stunning hotel room? Add these little touches to your spare bedroom or home to make your guests get that same feeling. They’ll feel so welcome that they won’t want to leave.

Serve your drinks in style

This summer, invest in some proper glassware for you and your guests, and always have some fresh garnishes in your fridge. Remember that each drink, from wine to cocktails to liqueur, has its own specific serving glass, and it makes a big impression if you’re clued up with which ones to use for different drinks.

Throws/ blankets

Even in summer, there can still be a few chilly nights, so have plenty of extra throws or blankets on hand for your guests. Leave a few on the outside furniture, in the living room and always have some extras in your guest room. Throws also add a unique style and some extra colour to a room.

The smell of summer

A fragrance diffuser or scented candles always add a special touch to any room and is a natural way to keep the air in your room fresh. Diffusers work well in places where you want it to smell nice but can’t keep an eye on a candle. Put one in the entrance hall so you and your guests are greeted with a beautiful fragrance when you walk in, or in the guest room.

A tray of goodies

Create a welcoming feeling by leaving a goodie basket for your guests in their room. This doesn’t have to cost much or be a lot of admin; a small tray with hand wash, hand lotion, a face towel, a bottle of water and one of their favourite magazines will do the trick.

Written in a note

A note and a chocolate on the pillow is a five-star classic. If you only add one finishing touch to your room, make it this one. Let them know that you’re looking forward to their visit and spending time with them. On that note, a comfy and fluffy pillow goes a long way too.


Help your guest nod off after a long day in the sun with a good book. Because they won’t necessarily be there for a long time, go for a book of short stories rather than a novel. This avoids your guest starting a great book only to have to leave it at your house.

Thoughtful ideas

Mints or some fresh fruit in your living room always adds a nice touch. See this as an opportunity to also add to your décor by putting in a fun or colourful bowl. If you do this, make sure that the fruit is always fresh.

The month of giving

As December is the month of giving, why not surprise your holiday dinner party guests with a table gift? This can be something inexpensive and fun to get the conversation at the table going. We have gift guides for everyone from the newlyweds to the closet barista, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

When guests come over, you want to them to feel welcome and at home in their surroundings. This year, try to remember that little touches go a long way and take the time to make your home inviting. Let us know if you have any tips to add.

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