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Choosing the right glassware isn’t only about looks. The quality, shape and style of each glass sets the mood and maximises the aroma and unique flavour of the drinks you serve.

Use our buying guide to help you make the best choices when it comes to stocking up on glassware.

Spirits and liqueurs

Bring out the full flavour of that special liqueur and turn good taste into a tradition.


The snifter

Short-stemmed glass designed for the enjoyment of brandy and cognac.

Bulbous globe and short stem which allows the glass to be warmed by your hands to release the aromas of the brandy

Cup the rounded bulb in your hand to warm the glass, releasing the flavours of your drink







The tumbler

Short glass with a strong, flat bottom

Perfect for whisky or serving spirits on the rocks

Also good for short cocktails



shot glass



 The shot glass

Small and neat

For spirits with high alcohol content

To be enjoyed with lots of friends



Essential cocktail glasses

Impress your guests with your selection of cocktails.



The highball glass is perfect for those cocktails that have a high ratio of alcohol to mixer such as mojitos











Shaken or stirred, martinis, Margaritas and cosmopolitans look cool in a martini glass.






Wine by the glass

Enhance flavour and aroma by serving your wine in the right glass

 Red Wine

Taller glass with a large bowl and straight lip

Allows the wine to come into contact with more air

Ideal for younger red wines





Red Bordeaux

Tall generous bowl and tapered mouth

Allows for proper oxygenation of wine

For fuller, heavier red wines such as cabernets and merlots






Red Burgundy

A tapered glass that swells in the middle

Allows the bouquet of more fruity wines to develop more fully

For lighter, full-bodied wines such as Pinot Noir





White Wine

A smaller, narrower glass allows for less exposure to air

Helps keep the wine cool.








Casual appeal

Allows the heat from the hands to warm the wine, unleashing more flavour









 Champagne Flute

Classic, elegant and tall to keep bubbles from dissipating

Tapered rim focuses the drink’s bouquet to the nose.







Dessert Wine

Small glass to concentrate the flavour but keep alcohol vapours at bay

For fortified, high-alcohol wines


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