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As the seasons change we slowly start to see the little changes in our lives that come with it: the clothes we wear, the dinners we prepare and the activities we plan. It is only fair that our little comforts also change in order to suit the season we are in. Here, scents are specifically important when it comes to changing with the seasons. Different things will relax us at different times of the year, so why not take a look at the scents that suit each season and why:


Spring is a time for new beginnings, for spring cleaning and the excitement that comes with warmer days. These new beginnings are mimicked in the fresh greenery that sprout after the winter cold has started to move away. Green scents such as bamboo, eucalyptus and fresh cut grass are perfect for enhancing this feeling of rejuvenation and energy that is in the air. Similarly, floral scents are filling the air outside and even though florals for spring are not exactly groundbreaking (as Miranda Priestly put it), they do make us feel excited and dreamy for beautiful blooms. Some of our favourite spring floral scents are: Peonies, Lily of the Valley and Violets.


With even warmer days now looming, the desire for fresh and clean scents are heightened to counteract those blistering, sweaty days. Citrus with bitter undertones, like lemon and grapefruit, are perfect for a burst of freshness. Other popular scents are sweeter scents like fruity peach, orange blossom and honeysuckle. Lastly, if you want that holiday feeling, try some more interesting fragrances like sea salt or clean linen. These scents will make you feel like you’re on a breezy beach holiday.


As summer comes to an end we enter the season of not knowing what to wear. Autumn is usually a confusing mix between summer and winter with the flu coming for our noses and throats. Help to coax your body into the seasonal change by switching to deeper, full aromas like smoky woods, musk and leather. These scents create warmth and deeper dimension to sweet scents like Jasmine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a combination of sweet and smoky with a torched marshmallow scented candle. This scent will have you campfire ready.


Winter is all about the homey and warm scents. Mulled wine, orange, spice… these are some of the most delicious scents when it’s a cold and miserable day. Cardamom and Cinnamon are two of the more popular spicy scents, but try to mix things up with some pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Mix these spicy scents with deeper sweet scents like orange or purple Orchid for a sensual and irresistible warmth. Don’t forget to keep the smoky scents close by as oak and even tobacco are still some of the top winter scents.

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