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One must-have kitchen gadget for any aspiring cook has to be the zester or grater. Choose one that is versatile and able to grate or zest a wider range of produce and you will soon be adding that extra flavour and texture to your dishes.  

Chef’s recommendation

“A “Microplane” is versatile from zesting citrus fruits for desserts to flavoured moist sponge cakes, muffins or biscotti, quality Parmesan cheese for the perfect Caesar salad, grated chocolate for tiramisu, even ginger and garlic for the perfect curry. “
Chef Juan Neethling

Use your zester for …

  • Zesting citrus fruits, getting the full flavour of the peel without the bitter pith
  • Shavings of chocolate for garnishing desserts or cakes or even decadent hot drinks
  • Grating hard cheeses such as parmesan. Grate it fresh at the table for added effect.
  • Zesting fresh coconut – beautiful added flavour for desserts and curries.
  • Grating garlic instead of mincing it.
  • Grate fresh ginger into a fine pulp for adding to curries, teas and desserts.

Grated, in all shapes and sizes …

Ribbon graters

Turns a variety of ingredients in to flaky, airy curls, finer and thinner than shavings. Perfect for finishing touches and toppings.

Coarse graters

Use for hard cheeses, nuts, ginger and most fruits and vegetables, producing small, coarser strands of food, perfect for toppings.

Fine graters

With a precise blade, the result is a superfine texture or powder-like yield that packs in more flavour. The result is more like a puree when used for softer foods. Use for spices, citrus fruits, hard cheeses, chocolate and nuts.

Box graters

A good box grater is your ultimate grating tool and usually feature 4 various blades on each side.

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