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Not only fresh and revitalizing, this juice is packed with the energy of beetroot, made sweeter by the apples and has an added zing of warmth from the ginger. It tastes amazing and feels amazing too.

Recipe – makes about a 750ml

6 apples
2 large beetroot (aprox 400g)
small piece ginger, about 3-4cm long

To make a juice in the Breville Juice & Blend you don’t need to peel anything, but its best to just top and tail any ends or remove unnecessary leaves. Whack it all through the beast-of-a-machine and out pours your juice into a neatly contained jug.

This particular juice blend (as with most) develops a foamy layer, which you just need to stir before serving. The froth actually has a lovely texture, a bit like a cappuccino only juicy. You could also spoon off the very top layer of it if you prefer.

Serve it with ice to make it ultra refreshing, or add a splash of vodka to make it decadent.


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