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@home is always on the lookout for innovative and beautifully designed products for your home. We believe that functional items can and should add to the aesthetic of your space, and that’s why we are the exclusive stockist of Haden appliances in South Africa.

If you haven’t heard of Haden you may be asking yourself, is Haden a good brand? Are Haden products any good? Well wonder no more, our Haden brand review will give you all the information you need from the brand’s history to brand benefits for you to decide if it’s the right fit for your home.

The Haden Story

Haden is a quintessentially British brand that boasts over 150 years of manufacturing experience. Before home appliances, they were in the business of making bicycles in the late 1880s and then moved onto motorcycles in 1937. During WWII they produced tank parts for the British military and shortly after began manufacturing kettles.

The Haden family pioneered making the electric kettle safe for families and then developed the cordless kettle, which would change the game forever.

Haden’s kettles remain a key appliance in their offering and are now available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and designs.

In fact, Haden is so well known for its striking retro-style colours and shapes that have become the go-to for heritage chic for your kitchen and home. Haden was one of the first brands to introduce colour to kettles and take inspiration for new collections from the British countryside and stunning seaside towns.

The Haden Benefit


You’ll be hard-pressed to find such a wide selection of stylish appliances from another brand. Haden’s ranges stand out with their timeless yet striking colour choices and signature English country and seaside-inspired shapes. If you’re looking to add a bit of personality to your countertop, Haden is a great choice as they offer coordinating pieces in both kettles and toasters to create a cohesive style.


Haden products help you reduce water and energy waste. They believe in using only what you need, which is why their kettles show cup markings on the water windows so that you can boil water for the exact amount you need, reducing water and energy waste. Spare filters are also provided with the kettle to help extend its lifetime.


With 150 years of manufacturing experience, Haden has proven itself when it comes to quality. They have the reputation of making the kettle safe for household use and have carried that ethos through to everything they produce. The brand prides itself on producing the highest quality items in functionality, appearance and certification.

2-year guarantee

All Haden products carry a two-year guarantee. They develop their products with rigorous attention to detail, from applying colour and the visual aesthetic to how products feel to hold and use.

Stand out Haden Appliances

Haden kettles and toasters

As the brand that developed the cordless model, you can feel confident in your choice of a Haden kettle. Stylish and functional, their kettle range elevates your countertop with its design and colour.

The Haden Cotswold kettle is inspired by the Cotwolds, the go-to country getaway for Londoners and tourists alike. The vintage-inspired shape is available in traditional colours found in chic English countryside living.

Get a coordinated look with the Haden Chiswich Kettle & Toaster Set – named after the world-famous boating and rowing club town of Chiswich, this range in traditional cream is inspired by the homeliness of this quaint village.

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Complement your Haden kettle and toaster with a range of more small appliances including coffee makers, air fryers, blenders and slow cookers, available in complementary designs and colours.

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