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As the seasons start to turn and we move towards autumn, the harvest season begins, and with it the opportunity to enjoy the spoils of the farms while still making the most of the summer light.

Entertain more at home and enjoy the last light and warmth with al fresco meals and harvest boards prepared with the freshest produce, to be enjoyed with your favourite wines.

Here are a few harvest board ideas for you to try

The fruit harvest board

Make the most of the season’s freshest fruits and add a few cheeses, cured meats or spreads to bring out the fresh flavours. Fruits to use now are apples, pears and grapes.

The cheese harvest board

As we start moving towards cooler weather, choose more warming cheeses such as a baked camembert or a rich chevin. Add savoury jams and chutneys and pair with harvest wines.

The Mediterranean-style harvest board

Now is the right time to eat fresh, healthy Mediterranean style foods such as fresh tomatoes drizzled with the best local olive oils, soft cheeses, fresh herbs and greens and of course, everyone’s favourite – the avo. Great news, avocados are coming back in season in SA so we can be enjoying more of these buttery treats every day.

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