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Extra_Oasis_225Baccarat is a leading Australian homewares brand that prides itself on its reputation and embodies professional, timeless and classic Kitchenware, Cookware, Bakeware, Tea and Coffee and Food Preparation products.

The Baccarat Story

Baccarat cookware is manufactured from the highest quality materials selected to suit the purpose for the product use. The latest manufacturing techniques and design are brought together to develop products that fulfill your need for reliability and everyday use while still embodying quality that lasts a lifetime.

Lifetime Guarantee

Baccarat is designed to give you years of cooking pleasure. So confident are they in their quality, their products are covered by a ‘Lifetime Guarantee’. The Baccarat Lifetime Guarantee means you can trust your investment in Baccarat quality 100%, knowing this investment will stand the test of time.

The Cookware

Baccarat cookware includes a range of superior quality pots and pans, designed to offer exceptional functionality based on time tested specifications and features. Every piece is made for efficient heat distribution from the base and the side for even cooking with no hot spots. Ergonimically designed handles feature a designed curve for comfort and style.

The Iconix range features an impact-bonded base for efficient and rapid heat transfer. This makes it durable and suitable for all cooktops including induction.

ID3 professional quality cookware is hard anodised for the highest quality aluminium body making it more durable than ordinary aluminium cookware and twice as hard as stainless steel.

The Knives

CuisinePro knives, developed with high quality German steel, are long-lasting and easy to use. Riveted handles assist to hold the hand safely away from the blade for effortless cutting and slicing. The forged handle also gives advanced weight and balance for perfect control. CuisinePro knives are Rockwell Hardness tested to guarantee the hardness and tensile strength of the steel.

The Kitchenware

Through experience and innovation, Baccarat has extended its range of kitchen and cookware to include bakeware, a stylish range of tea and coffee products and long lasting Baccarat food preparation products that are essential in every modern day kitchen.


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