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Why get a stand mixer? There are so many reasons to invest in this kitchen essential. If you love cooking and baking, a stand mixer will give you plenty of use and take your dishes to the next level. If you’re wondering which stand mixer to buy, read on to discover what they are good for and which is best for you.

Take the hard work out of baking

As anyone who bakes will know, a good bake rests on so many things, but proper mixing and aeration is key to fluffy light cakes and fillings. The proper kneading of dough is what determines the texture, lightness and crumb of your bread. Whisking or kneading by hand for the average person can feel like hard work and may even put you off starting the bake in the first place. 

Most stand mixers have both whisk and dough hook attachments which make the processes infinitely easier. 

The Kenwood Titanium Chef XL Stand Mixer works hard for you. It maintains speed and power even under heavy loads and includes a large capacity 6.7 litre bowl compared to the smaller 4.8litre bowl of other mixers.

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Get better results

Mixing and kneading by hand can give varying and inconsistent results. A lot of well-tested recipes specify exactly how long and how fast to set a mixer to get a perfect result for a dish or bake. A stand mixer gives you the consistency of settings to improve the quality of your cook. 

Add to your kitchen aesthetic 

A stand mixer is a fairly large appliance. If you have limited space on your countertop, choosing a compact mixer is a great option. The Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer measures in on the smaller side and has a narrow arm and motor design. 

If you cook and bake often, your mixer may be out permanently, in which case the look of it should complement the aesthetic of your kitchen. From the colourful retro-inspired designs of the Kitchenaid and Smeg stand mixers to the sleek metallic look of the Kenwood mixer, there is something to suit your taste. 

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Which stand mixer to buy

As with all appliances, everyone has a preferred brand and style preference. If you’re still undecided keep in mind that stand mixers essentially do the same thing but each one comes with different attachments, has a certain motor strength and mixing bowl size. So before you choose, compare the specs against what you think you will be using your mixer for and take it from there. 

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