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_BCW3303We have all experienced it. The feeling of complete luxury that comes from a big, soft, fluffy towel after a soothing, hot bath. We may have also experienced the disappointment of towels that don’t meet your high standards of quality.

Make sure you always have the right towels in your bathroom with this quick guide to buying towels.

Ribbed Cotton >

Choose a ribbed cotton towel that is made from 100% cotton for everyday comfort and durability. Ribbed towels can come in a variety of colours and are an easy-care essential for your bathroom.

Modal >

If you prefer the feel of natural fibres against your skin, you will want to consider modal towels. Made from natural fibre Modal and cotton, these towels are silky and soft to the touch, an essential luxury for your body.

Bamboo >

If you love to feel pampered, bamboo towels are for you. Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, odour resistant and highly absorbent.

Supima >

Supima cotton is known for its strength, durability and softer, smoother feel. Only 1% of the world’s cotton carries the exclusive Supima name.

Caring for your towels

Good quality towels can last for years with the right care. Your towels, from bamboo to 100% cotton to modal are all machine washable. Check the care instructions label for the recommended washing temperature. If unsure, choose a safe 30° C wash. Tumble-drying will keep your towels soft and fluffy.

Do not use bleach on your towels and keep them from contact with products containing bleach.

You may want to use fabric conditioners to bring a bit of extra softness to your towels. Bear in mind that too much softener reduces your towel’s ability to absorb water so keep a few washes fabric softener free.


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