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Untitled design (6)With the New Year on our doorstep, why not embrace a fresh start and give your home a new look? Whether it’s your entrance hall, your main bedroom, or your whole house – we have all the inspiration and latest trends you’ll need to get going. It is no secret that colour leads the way with décor and design trends due to the mood and energy it evokes, and so we looked to the just released Plascon Colour Forecast 2016 for inspiration.

Bold and Blue

The 2016 Colour of the Year crown goes to Atlantic Beach (B5-B1-1). Influenced by the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, this intense blue is inspired by the coastal energy of the city and is a stimulating refreshing colour that promotes focus and commands respect.

Maybe it’s time for that accent wall, or if you’d prefer a more subtle change add a touch of deep blue to your space with a new wall clock, decorative vase or lamp. Blue brings a freshness to any room and works particularly well with natural tones such as shades of white, green and stone. If your kitchen is in need of a ‘pick me upper’, why not add blue to your glassware or crockery and display it on a shelf for all to see?

Pretty in Pink

Light pink is a sure second on the list. The soft tones of Savanah (R3-E2-3) and Ruby Tuesday (R5-B2-2) add a dreamy and warm touch to any colour palate. It works particularly well with earthy tones and textures, as well as chrome and gold. Perfect for living or bedroom, we love this plain woven throw in blush.

Jazz up your entrance hall with a decorative statement piece like the Colourblock Bamboo bowl, or transform your dining room with a set of statement blush Industrial Dining Chairs.

The full 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast doesn’t stop here and consists of many more exciting colour combinations and themes you can draw inspiration from. However shades of blue and pink are the common denominator found in all combinations, making them safe colour options for your next renovation project. Happy decorating!

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