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1When your table is donned with all the right accessories, beer drinking and biltong nibbling becomes even more enjoyable. Choosing the perfect glassware and platters or bowls will go a long way to impress your guests and make the experience truly memorable for everyone gathered.

Glass half full or half empty

Beer, and craft beer specifically, has become a hot topic on the lips of South Africans and when beer is involved the glass is seldom seen as half empty. Show that you know what you’re talking about with this set of six beer connoisseur glasses – each glass is shaped specifically for the style of beer it should hold. Whether an ale, a stout, a pilsner, a lager or a Weiss, you’ll look like an expert.

2Not quite a growler

For a rowdier occasion, where your friends are gathered to watch the big game or go between the pool and the snack table, you’ll want some hardier glasses like this brewery beer mug. Buy a collection of four or more so everyone gets their share of the good stuff.

Take a bite

A South African occasion is rarely complete without a generous selection of biltong or droewors. Watch the rugby? Biltong. Host a braai? Biltong. Go on a road trip? Biltong. When your guests start streaming in, this 5black rialheim skull biltong snack platter will not only feature as an eye-catching conversation starter, but as an atmosphere-enhancing serving accessory. It’s both fun and functional.

Handle with care

Your home is an investment and each item should be treated with care. What better way to look after your dinner table than with a set of coasters so no marks are left on the wood. Whip out these faux leather coasters and add an element of style to even the most relaxed gathering.

If that isn’t your cup of beer (so to speak) then grab one or two of these drunken snack bowls and get ready to have the festivities taken to the next level.

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