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Black Friday is around the corner – the sale of all sales! Increase your odds at walking away with some great deals with these top tips:

1. Create your wish list 

Put a list together of the items you’ve had your eye on, as well as a list of “grudge” items – those items you don’t necessarily want to buy, but need to (surely, being able to buy them cheaper will help lessen the blow?). Prioritise this list during the sale so you’re not sidetracked and miss out on what you really want.

2. Watch social 

Make sure you follow your favourite retailers on social, who will often announce early access and deals to the community.

3.  Arrive early 

If you’ll be shopping the sale online, sign up to shop ahead of time. In-store? Head out earlier, rather than later.

4. Prepare for queues

Be prepared to queue – online and in-store. Help ease online traffic by only keeping only one browser tab open and refreshing when necessary. In-store, see the discomfort of the queues as an opportunity cost. You’ll soon be out – and with some amazing deals! So make the most of a bad situation and catch up on your reading. If you have kids, spare them, though – and try your best to arrange a sitter.

5. Acquaint yourself with store policies

Ensure you’re aware of the stores’ return policies and make a conscious effort to file the invoices, should you need to refer to them in future.

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