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They’re as compatible as the dish that ran away with the spoon. These kitchen couples are perfect for each other. If you have one make sure you have the other and your life will be automatically easier.

The Wok and the silicone turner

It’s not something everyone has in their kitchen, but those who do will attest to the usefulness of a good wok. Pair it with a large paddle shaped turner or spatula and you are set to start frying up a storm of exotic flavours.

The pancake pan and flexible turner

Perfecting how you make your pancakes is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Flip the perfect pancakes every time with a good quality non-stick pancake pan and a turner that is flexible enough to get right under your pancakes easily.

The ice cream maker and scoop

Ok, so you could buy a tub of ice cream from the shop, but homemade ice cream is always going to be that much better. Get yourself an ice cream maker and your family will love you forever. Add a handy ice cream scoop to that shopping list and you will be able to serve perfect dishes of gourmet ice cream every time.

The saucepan and the whisk

You have found the ideal recipes for all your favourite classic sauces. You have invested in a high quality saucepan. Now you need a proper whisk to make lump free sauces, always. Choose a silicone whisk to avoid scratching your beautiful saucepan.

The griddle pan and the basting brush

Steaks seared just right. You know how important a top quality non-stick griddle pan is in your kitchen. Now add a basting brush to the mix and your meat will always be tender and seasoned to perfection.

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