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Ever looked at a jewel toned, velvet couch and wondered how on earth you can get it to work in your space? Bold colours in furniture can be intimidating, but it’s also a great way to add some fun, personality and trend to your space. If you’re looking to dip a toe into this trend, read our tips below to help you get started: 

Picking the Colour: 

Having trouble picking a colour to accent? Start with what you already have! Take a closer look at the carpets or rugs in the space as they sometimes contain some colour you never even saw. Picking this colour up can be an easy way to incorporate an accent colour. Not only will it bring the colour out in the rug, but it also makes the whole space seem cohesive.  

Start Small: 

Following a trend can be a big commitment as we can’t be sure if it will stick for years to come or go out of style faster than the beanbag chair comeback of 2008. Incorporate a bold colour in a small form to test the waters. By keeping your neutral tones and adding a splash of colour in the form of a coffee table or some scatter pillows, you will get the effect of this trend without having to commit to something you’re not sure about. 

Balance is Key: 

If that blue, velvet couch is still eying you, make it work in your space by keeping everything else simple. The last thing you want is to bombard the eye with too many different colours and patterns. By using a neutral palette, a pop of colour will feel more natural and easier to incorporate. 

Choose a Base Colour: 

If you want to take this trend a bit further than only one room, try to decide on one or two accent colours and rather explore different hues. Mixing lighter and darker shades creates enough contrast to keep it trendy without being overpowering. By keeping a consistent base colour, you can experiment with different shades and still manage to keep everything cohesive.  

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