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Every year there is a great debate about how to best ring in the New Year. Some like to party up a storm and go to bed once the sun has come up on January 1st while others are more content to watch a movie with their loved ones until just after midnight.

Whoever you are, and whatever your style, home is where the heart is and New Year’s is a special occasion! So, this year we have tips to help you bring in the New Year at home in a fun and festive way.

For the entertainers

If a sophisticated evening is your style, then a dinner party with your closest friends is a must. Pull out all the stops with a beautifully decorated table, fine food and great wine. Create a playlist of tunes to keep the mood festive and then crank up the volume once dessert is served just before midnight. Don’t forget to keep the bubbles cold so you can pop them at midnight and toast the New Year together.

Time: 19h30 – 01h00

Dress code: Smart

Entertainment: Go around the table and tell each other one thing you want to achieve before the next year is over.

For the cool moms and dads

Don’t send the kids to granny this year, plan a party they can also enjoy and celebrate together instead! Invite your family and friends over with their little ones and host an evening of activities that the whole family will appreciate. Pull out the board games and play them in teams. Each hour, on the hour, swap the teams around so everyone has a chance to play together. Propose a dress up code – it’s your choice whether kids or adults too must comply. Make sure there is plenty of food, marshmallows to roast on the braai and offer a bowl of non-alcoholic punch, or a ‘bar’ of drinks to be mixed into ‘cocktails’ by the younger guests for some faux-sophistication! Once the clock strikes midnight, jump into bed or host a mass sleepover. This party option also allows you to get a good night’s sleep in your own bed so you can start the New Year rested before the kids wake up at 5am!

Time: 17h30 – 00h15

Dress code: Come as your favourite superhero or villain

Entertainment: Board games, card games or video games – whatever it is, make sure everyone has a chance to win.

For the party animals

If a good old fashioned house party is what you’re after, clear out the lounge, set up the speakers and get that playlist together. Start with the latest hits and work your way back, playing through a decade for each hour that passes. You’ll be singing all the greatest hits by midnight just in time to ring in the New Year in style. Serve a selection of easy snacks and canapés on platters so that you don’t have to sit down to eat and everyone can party the whole night long!

Time: 20h00 – 02h00

Dress code: Pick a decade and dress the part

Entertainment: A good sound system and a killer playlist is all you need.

For the whole neighbourhood

Get the whole neighbourhood involved for a casual evening of fun. Assign a different meal to each person so that you get a selection of snacks, main course options and of course, desserts. Make sure you have plenty of seating and a nice big table for the food and drinks. No party is complete without a little cocktail punch, and we have the perfect recipe for sparkling sangria that will go down a treat on a warm summer’s night! Let us know how it goes down, and remember to take plenty of photos.


  • 1l bottle of apple juice
  • 350ml of frozen cranberry juice
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 2 bottles of sparkling wine, or ginger ale for a non-alcoholic version


  1. Keep items chilled (or frozen) until use.
  2. Combine the apple juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice in a large bowl. Stir well.
  3. Add sliced oranges, kiwi slices, and any other fruit you like.
  4. Slowly add the champagne or ginger ale at the last minute to keep it bubbly.

Time: 18h00 – 00h30

Dress code: Casual

Entertainment: Cut out a few props and banners saying “Goodbye 2017”, “2018, I can’t wait” or “Cheers, 2017” to capture the excitement of the evening. You can even create a ‘photo booth’ area, and start an Instagram #hashtag to compile the memories in one place. 

If you prefer to spend New Year’s Eve out on the town, why not enjoy celebrations at home on 1 January? Invite the neighbours or friends around for a garden party and take advantage of the warm summer days outdoors. Pull out the drinks trolley and enjoy a few cold ones out on the patio. Don’t forget to share your New Years’ resolutions and start the year surrounded by your loved ones.

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