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As the world becomes more conscious of the long-term effects of single use plastics, non-biodegradeable waste and other non-sustainable products on our planet, and our health, there is a movement towards more sustainable practices in business and our personal lives.

To promote a more responsible lifestyle, we are helping bring you more sustainable choices for your home.

Discarding the need for single use plastic storage

Storing leftovers in a zip up plastic bag may be convenient but the waste single use plastic causes is no longer convenient for our planet. Be part of the change and switch to non-plastic storage. Stasher bags are the first non-plastic, reusable, self-sealing bags and they have so many uses. You can use them to store leftover meals in the freezer, to take a snack with you in your bag, or even on your travels for your toiletries or other essentials. Stasher bags can also be used for cooking. Made from 100% pure silicone they can be frozen, heated in the microwave or in boiling water, and are dishwasher safe. A non-toxic choice for you and the environment.

Or stock up on glass or ceramic kitchen canisters for storing your dry foods like rice, pasta, beans and seeds without needing any plastic. We have a wide range to choose from.

Keeping our coffee habits environmentally friendly

Let’s face it, coffee capsule machines are convenient, making delicious coffee in seconds without much fuss. But all those discarded capsules are an environmental nightmare. There are ways to keep enjoying your daily coffee without adding to the waste.

Keep your capsule coffee machine in action with Sealpod, an innovative new refillable capsule product that can be used over and over and over. And just like that, no more capsules filling the landfill.

Another way to make your coffee habits more sustainable is to find your own favourite on the go mug or flask for your take out lattes and flat whites. Zoku’s new range of stainless steel insulated bottles keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours and look very cool in your hand. They also keep drinks cold, so perfect for summer too.

Reducing the need for plastic water bottles

With the many water filtration options out there we no longer need to rely on bottled water for fresh, healthy hydration. Make a pledge to stop buying plastic bottles by getting yourself a Brita water filter jug for your home, and a Brita filter bottle for on the go.

Want to look as cool as you feel when out and about? The new Zoku stainless steel bottle is vacuum insulated to keep your water and cold drinks cold for up to 40 hours.

Finding new ways to share responsibility and give back

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is more than just making a few changes. It is more about a change in attitude and living authentically. Choosing products that give something back is another step closer to creating a more sustainable society.

Purchase a bag of Chipembere Rhino Coffee and R5 goes towards rhino conservation efforts in South Africa.

Or give a gift that gives back with this range of lip balms, hand creams and scented drawer sachets. R10 from each purchase goes towards the Heart of @home initiatives to help uplift and support local communities.

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