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The real beauty in the modular sofa is that you can configure it to fit into your spaces, your needs and your lifestyle.

The Bolia modular sofa is a contemporary sofa design that is sold in separate pieces or sections that can be pieced together to form a full sofa unit.

These pieces can be rearranged to form a number of different configurations giving you maximum flexibility over your living room layout.

For the entertainer

You can build up your modular sofa to accommodate having friends and family over with plenty of space for everyone to sit and enjoy the conversation.

You don’t need to invest in an entirely new set of furniture when you want to change the dynamic of your living room. With your modular you can simply move some sections around or add to them.

For the growing family

Right now you may only need a corner unit with enough space for a family of two but as your family grows you can add more units to your modular. Your modular can also be configured to accommodate the different needs of your family as it grows up. While a u-shape is good for spending quality time with the family, your teenagers may want a bit more privacy. Change your configuration to allow for private space while still spending time together.

For smaller spaces

Modular units can be set up to work around difficult layouts and obstacles in your home. Fitting a modular into a smaller space also has the effect of creating more room. Create plenty of seating room along one wall or create an inviting seating corner making good use of the space that you have.

The Bolia modular sofa has 3 pieces to choose from and each piece is sold separately. These include a corner, single seat and ottoman unit.


Available for purchase online and in-store 

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