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3Reliable functionality, outstanding taste and perfect crema. The Café Royal coffee range promises delicious variety in every cup of coffee. Made in Switzerland, this internationally acclaimed coffee brand is now available in @home stores online and across South Africa. Their smart capsules are a premium alternative for use in the Nespresso system.

Excellent coffee through tradition, innovation and sustainability

Café Royal has been refining, roasting and grinding only the best beans for perfect coffee since 1954. Decades of coffee expertise has been put into every capsule for true Café Royal quality and enjoyment in every cup.

Café Royal sources coffee that is grown under strict UTZ-certified conditions ensuring social and environmental sustainability.

Their compact, Forestry Stewardship Council approved packaging means less waste and more taste!

2The capsules

Café Royal capsules are specifically designed for use in your Nespresso machine and are compatible with popular Nespresso machines.

The packaging of Café Royal has received the same attention to design and detail. Capsules are made from flexible plastic so they adapt to your Nespresso machine without damaging the piercing mechanism.

Each capsule is made to protect the coffee powder inside and seal in its aromas. This aroma-sealed capsule needs no additional packaging and is more environmentally friendly than many other capsules.

4The coffee

A strong Ristretto in the morning, the perfect Espresso to round of a meal, or an elegant Lungo whenever you feel like it – Cafe Royal has classic coffees for every occasion and every taste.

Café Royal classic coffees include Espresso, Espresso Forte, Doppio Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo, Lungo Forte, Lungo Classico and Decaffeinato.

Cafe Royal brings you more than just a tempting range of classic specialty coffees, it also offers a top selection of exotic creations.

Single Origins are premium coffees from top-tier estates. Try these single origin coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia.

Flavoured Editions are delicately flavoured coffees. Our favourites are the Caramel and Vanilla flavours.

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