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A simple easy breakfast to do with your kids, fun and tasty.


Square ready-made, store-bought waffles – specifically the type you can heat up in a toaster

6 strips of streaky bacon

1 firm banana, not too ripe

Good quality store-bought maple syrup

2 tablespoons castor sugar

3 large strawberries


Fry off your bacon strips in a non-stick pan on both sides, using medium heat till crisp and place on kitchen towel to collect extra fat.

Heat up the waffles in a toaster till crisp golden brown and completely heated through.

Cut the banana in half and drizzle with castor sugar on the cut side. Brulee with a blow torch on both sides till golden brown.

Cut waffle in half, add 3 strips bacon on top and the half banana, then stack the other half of the waffle, bacon and banana.  Drizzle over the maple syrup and garnish with halved strawberries.

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