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1Chef ‘n is putting the fun and creativity back into cooking with a range of kitchen utensils that will give you culinary master status in no time.

The chef ‘n story

Established in 1982, Chef ‘n saw a gap in the market to create products that were superior to and different from anything else available on the shelves.

Inventor David Holcomb first came up with idea to create these products when he was given two options to add garlic to dishes: either chop it by hand and have that garlic scent on his hands all day, or use dry store-bought flakes; and so he decided to come up with a 2product that would solve this problem and forever change cooking.

Now fans are going crazy for the handy Garlic machines that Chef ‘n have become famous for. This trusted and quality household name has had one single mission over the decades – to make better tools so that you can make better food!

Chef ‘n products

The designers at Chef ‘n are passionate about their products, and part of this is reinventing utensils and gadgets that we use daily in the kitchen and often take for granted. From a herb stripper to help you use fresh herbs in 18015401your delicious dishes to a garlic zoom to help get fresh garlic ready for the pot, each of these nifty gadgets are ideal for food preparation.

If you are wanting to make a wholesome bowl of spaghetti bolognaise, we suggest using the tomato corer and herb mincer to  make the sauce without the fuss. To end off a long day, use a tea infuser to make yourself the ultimate cup of tea. And now that spring is finally around the corner, you’ll definitely need to get your hands on a fruit scoop set to create fun fruit and veggie balls for your little ones.

So now that you have all the necessary tools for the kitchen it’s time to create something inventive and delicious, and enjoy cooking with your colourful quirky gadgets.

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